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As well as work for individual clients, we carry out and publish analysis on subjects of wider interest for organisations and academics, for conferences and seminars.

You can view our range of analysis below. We always welcome comments and feedback on these.

Secrets and Spies: A Case Study in Employee Engagement

What lessons does the Government's response to the spy scandals of the 1960s have for security awareness and information assurance? This study draws parallels with the response to HMRC's loss of the child benefit database and draws conclusions for wider employee engagement.

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Rating British Prime Ministers

A survey of 106 UK-based academics by Woodnewton's Mark Gill and Professor Kevin Theakston of the University of Leeds reveals that Clement Atlee remains the most respected Prime Minister, with Alec Douglas-Hume and Anthony Eden at the foot of the table.

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Branding In The Public Sector

Why is branding in the public sector different from commercial branding? How it has evolved over the years? What are the principles behind the most effective public sector brands? James Humphreys, who was responsible for government branding while working in the Prime Minister's Office, surveys the topic.

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Communicating In An Economic Crisis

Is the current economic turmoil changing the way that governments engage with the public? How can complex financial issues be communicated effectively? Mark Gill's presentation to a seminar of Finance Ministry officials from around Europe, hosted by Das Progressive Zentrum in Berlin sheds some light.

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US Mid Term Elections (Oct 2010)

A paper on the implications for the elections by Dr Ed Gouge from the University of Leeds, including the potential impact of issues such as the deficit, the Tea Party, and Obama's challenge of engaging with the public.

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Research To Support National Transformation

A paper to the World Association of Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) Conference in Lausanne by Mark Gill and Sir Robert Worcester. This reviews their work for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in developing a strategic research programme to support the country's ambition to achieve developed nation status by 2020.

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MPs On Facebook (July 2009)

New research by Woodnewton into MPs' use of Facebook reveals that politicians are still more interested in the 'Whitehall Village' than engaging on equal terms with their constituents.

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Public Back High-Speed Rail over Heathrow 4:1 (January 2009)

74% of the public believe that building a new high-speed rail link between London and the North of England would be better for the country than expanding heathrow, according to a new ICM/Woodnewton poll for RestoreUK. Just 18% prefer Heathrow over the rail link.

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Business Attitudes to Heathrow Expansion

Just 4% of British businesses believe expanding Heathrow would benefit their business, according to a new survey by Woodnewton and Continental Research for RestoreUK. The survey - the first of business attitudes to expansion plans - also shows that 37% of businesses prefer the idea of a fast rail link from London to the North.

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The Internet and International Development

Based on a survey of selected government websites and portals shows that the relative wealth or size of a country need not be a barrier to effective use of the web.

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Europe and Public Opinion (June 2008)

Presentation on developing public attitudes to Europe to a seminar hosted by Business in the New Europe.

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Changing Perceptions: Informing or Engaging?

Using social marketing to help develop communication strategies that go beyond information to interest and engage employees, tenants or stakeholders.

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Public Attitudes to Aviation and Climate Change

A report for RestoreUK and Greenpeace on public awareness of and attitudes towards the environment and climate change, and the implications for aviation policy.

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David Cameron: Are the Conservatives Closer to Power?

Political Studies Association Conference, Bath, April 2007

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Climate Change and Public Opinion in Germany and the United Kingdom

Sixth British-German Environment Forum, Berlin, March 2007

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"History teaches that Brown must make a new start"

Commentary article by Mark Gill and Professor Kevin Theakston published in The Financial Times

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